Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How to use MultiFinanceIT.

1. Start site http://multifinanceit.com. There are a lot of important financial links on the toobar. There are very important links at the top of the page and along the left edge of the page. As an example, under the heading "Quality control" you find a lot of tools that you may use to improve your site. In addition you find information on dynamic asset allocation and IT-security on the front page. You find financial news 24 / 7 from some of the most important online news providers on the front page.
2. If you click on the Norwegian flag, you are taken to a Norwegian site that has got a top rating in Norway.
3. If you click on the American flag, you are taken to the home page of MultiFinanceIT. The site is threedimensional. From the home page you navigate to other pages. Two of these sites takes you to a page with subpages, "The markets" page and the "IT" page. You may also navigate via the site navigation field at the top of each page and the sitemap.
4. The links that are published on the front page and on each site is regarded important. In addition, on each sub page, you have an URL named "Links" that brings you to an automatic generated page with other important links. These links are updated regularly.
5. Note, it is free to use the resources on the site. It is Ad driven. So if you want to indirectly support the project, enter other sites through the banner links. That is more secure than finding a new site on the internet, since the ad sites are checked for quality by professional affiliate providers.