Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Make the invisible net more visible.

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In a way the existing web and well known sites have a monopoly power (at least in the form of pagerank) over new and less known sites. There is also a cultural gap, since the dominating language is English. A lot of clever people is probably (surely) afraid of writing in English, too. Most of the Search Engines "talk" English.

The next generation:
The term Internet, refers to a network of computers most of us uses, but there is another network of computers, Internet2 that was created nearly a decade ago. Internet2 is limited to a selected few and is much faster and moves data 100 to 1000 times faster than the ordinary Internet and it is claimed that a DVD-quality copy of the popular movie, The Matrix was downloaded in 30 seconds.

The Norwegian company, Opticom, works with a physical compressing technique that is so compact that what is stored on todays internet can be stored on a card at the same size as your bankcard. This together with new superfast connections opens many possiblilties. One is to split the existing Internet in two (n) parts.
- One mature part of mature sites.
- One new part of new sites.
These two parts exist side by side and you can choose three options:
- Log into the union of the two parts.
- Log into the mature part.
- Log into the new part.
In this way new sites will be more visible.

Additional information:
You find additional and related information on the "Networks" page of mentioned in point 4. in the introduction.

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Kjell Gunnar Bleivik

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