Saturday, July 16, 2005

The future of digital marketing.

Pay per click, aDWords, aDSense, aD via Rss syndication seamless integrated to fit content, is well known. Themepacks sent via MSN Messenger is the latest evolution in online marketing. You chat with your friend and suddenly an animated aD flys over the screen.

Opera have already integrated aD into their free browser. In the future, there may be a lot of different aD channels powered by the information super highway, the internet.

"Led by more than 200 U.S. universities, working with industry
and government, Internet2 develops and deploys advanced
network applications and technologies for research and higher
education, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet."

A new superfast internet with a lot of communication channels. Where there is communication, there is potential for various forms of aD.

In the end it is about digital logistics and networks. Creativity, ingenuity and innovation has no borders. The sky is the limit and solutions beyond your wildest imagination will be implemented as a result of fierce global competition. Digital branding and digital marketing is natural elements in the silent digital revolution.

The next natural evolution from aD words, are aD voice and aD movies (movie clips). You may get the usual aD words, but supplemented with a hyperlink to other media.

You find more information on digital branding on this link

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You may also visit the network page

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It is too early to know the future.

Kjell Bleivik


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